Coming to Scotland and experience those raw, diverse and beautiful landscapes first hand has always been a dream for us. To capture a deep connection and love between two souls surrounded by rolling hills and autumn colours was the highlight of our trip. And we could not have found a better couple for this shoot. Anne a girl from the city of Wuppertal in Germany and Alex a Scottish man born in the exact same area where our shooting took place. Two people who grew up in completely different areas, who experienced a childhood far apart from each other and who eventually found each other when they least expected it. Anne always knew that there was more for her and when she first visited Scotland she instantly fell in love with it and therefore it came as no surprise when she decided to take a leap, packed all her things and moved to her dream country.

On the day of our shooting not even the every changing scottish wheather and the pouring rain could whash away the love and passion those two have for each other.